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Sooner or Later Everyone Comes to Joes......

~Important, Please read the rules below before entering~

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Welcome to the city of Seacouver, WA. The town where most of the Highlander Fans like to role play at. One of the most popular places is Joe's Bar.. Joes is owned operated by Joe Dawson himself and has a Assistant Bartender named Mike Barrett. ~ These are the only Bartenders Allowed. Be sure to note that they are the bartenders and someone is always on duty no matter what.~

This is the front main door of Joes. This is where most everyone enters. Note:The deck and the steps leading up to the made wooden doors leading inside to the main part of the bar. The bar is seated between several warehouses and is made of cement blocks so it can not be burned down.

Inside Joes there are many places to sit. You can sit near the bar or next to the stage. Even on the upper level there is a row of booth benchs not to mention a exit. Fire code and all. Joes is aproximately 40' by 90' With front door at the north end and the stages leading to the upper level. On the south end there is another back door exit and the stage area. Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights there are Music groups performing brought in by Joe. Joe himself is also a musician and will occasionaly pick his guitar up and play a few tunes with the other bands.

The bar counter in Joes is a average side and is on the west wall going north and south. and behind is Joes office and the kitchen. Where many people dine on tasty food, fine wines and just about any kind of drinks. Note: Richie was seen eating food in the bar with Benny Carbassa and Duncan. Benny and Richie conned Duncan into paying for it all. In the Middle of the place is the Dance floor. Commenly called Annie's Dance floor. People love to listen to the music and dance with there friends or lovers. Note: The dance floor is real. as you can see the picture of Duncan and Annie dancing inside Joe's one late night.

Here are a few pictures of the inside of Joes

The outside of Joes is a grouping of warehouses and parking lots and other business. Here are some random picture from the outside of Joes.
1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . A picture inside one of the warehouses

~Other Notes~
1. For Immortals the bar is considered Holy ground so no fighting there.
2. For those Rping there Keep in mind there are Mortals around because it is a public place
3. Most general Role playing rules apply. If there is a argument over the action. Get someone totally unbiased in. There are people willing to do this around. Most actions you want to do when rping is said. just not done.. ((Example = -throws the knife at you- ==Key word being "at" ....A bad example would be -taking a knife throwing at you as it goes into your heart and kills you- Sorry not happening doesn't give the the other a chance to role play anything out of it)) A page on fighting RP
4. This is a Human / Immortal environment. (Highlander Rules.) When Rping as something else. (Example = Magician, Vampires and Creatures) be sure to check with who you are Role Playing. Most people can be understanding and will tell you yes or no if they will allow you into the Role play.
5. There are several Helpful regulars that attend the room that know alot about the show Highlander. So if you want to ask question. We invite you too do so. Don't be afraid. Eventually someone will anwser.If you encounter a rude person overlook them there only out to see your reaction. If you do not get your anwser, e-mail me and i'll get back to you on it.
6. People are role playing other places other then the bar area.Like outside other places in town and other places of the world. So if you intend to role play. Make sure you do it correctly and not jump oceans to role play. Most role players find that annoying and will probley ignore you. Just like with conversation. you can't hear them talking in other places if your not there. Granted we still can hear / see there post but Find out first before making yourself look bad. Other popular spots beside Joe`s in the town of Seacouver is. Soldiers Bridge. The Park. The Sulfer Mill. DeSalvo's Dojo,(owned by Duncan MacLeod) , The Docks, Vanderbilt Hall, and several more places Paris is a popular spot of the world. (Highlander the series was filmed in Vancouver,Canada and Paris,France. )
7. For those of you that don't know the rules for Immortals. Here are the main rules all Immortals abide by.
1. No fighting on Holy Ground its tradition.
2. No two Immortals against one.
3. No other Immortal can interfere once a battle has been started.
4. They fight till one of them remains for in the end there can be only one.
8. This room is based on the Movies , TV , Novels and Animated Series of Highlander. Highlander is a copy righted by Davis/Panzer Productions. Any and all info in this page not intended towards any members/staff of the shows or the writers of the show. This room is for fun and enjoyment of everyone in it.
9 Simple chatting is allowed. Just make it clear your not Role Playing. Watch your head and enjoy. In the end there can be only one.


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( The Room is listed in the TV/Movie section under " The Highlander " you'll need to know this to get there, Since WBS closed Bigbob's Webchat agreed to put us up a new room. A special thanks to them. This new Chat is very Similar to WBS. Thanks to Matthew MacLeod for getting the stuff arrange and sent to them making it possible to get the room, He is one to ask just about anything concerning the Highlander Chat Room, Shows, Conventions updates or anything. Thanks to all the other people who supported it. All the Bigbob Chat rules apply first. "Never forget that" - Methos . These are only the rules for the Role Playing we do there in the room. Please feel free to make up New Immortals or RP old ones from the past. Just as long as no one else in the room is Role playing that one at the time. Made up charactos are not to be Impersonated, those are the property of the people who make them up and there not public knowledge Immortals such as Duncan, Amanda, Methos, Joe, or any of the other TV / Movie Immortals/Mortals etc.. Keep in mind most people like to be the good guys so to speak. So alot of them are being used but don't hesitate to use a pictures of them. We always like new and old Highlander pictures. Watcher and Mortals are always great to have about If you don't know what to think then just come on in and lurk a while its free and fun for any Highlander Fan. Enjoy yourselves! Trouble makers will be dealt with swiftly, painfully, dragged out and beheaded while dropped into ignore boxes. -Note- Might want to consult someone on who to ignore if your new )

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